What is White Henna?

You may have seen numerous images of “white henna” floating around Social Media. The truth is, there is no such thing as ‘White Henna’. Henna itself is a plant, also known as Lawsonia Inermis, found and grown in South Asian and North African countries. The
leaves of this plant are crushed and made into a paste that can be applied to the skin with a tube to create intricate designs. Real henna only stains different shades of red and brown. Most mainstream images of ‘White henna’ are white body paint, white temporary tattoo, waterproof makeup or white nail polish (NOT safe). However, there is no white henna that will actually stain your skin white. Most of them are safe to apply on the skin and meet regulatory requirements.

Is it just for a special time?

Since most ‘white henna’ tattoos are just body paint that can be applied with a brush or tube, they only last for about a day. Other foil and metallic tattoos will last 3-7 days or removed sooner with rubbing alcohol. 

Where did it come from?

There are innovations within all industries and ‘white henna’ is the new evolved form of henna tattoos. Artists around the world use new and hip ways such as jewel embellishments and glitter to add more dimension to this ancient art and target it to different groups of people. 

What kind of customers are interested in white henna?

If you want to adorn yourself with henna but are dreading the fading process, white henna is your best bet. The biggest complaint that I have heard over my 9 years of experience is that henna looks like a skin disease when its fading away. So if you want to show off fancy designs for a party that you don't have to commit to for 2-3 weeks, white henna will work perfect for you. 

Do you feel like white henna is more popular today?

Henna in general has become mainstream as more and more people are finding it as an alternative to real tattoos and celebrities like Madonna and Beyonce are rocking it. White henna has gained its prominence through different channels of social media. Beauty bloggers around the world have made it go viral. Many make-up gurus like DressYourFace and HudaBeauty have their own line of waterproof temporary white henna tattoos. As a matter of fact, it is being launched in Sephora in the UK!   

Where do you see this trend going?

I think we will see a lot more people using white henna moving forward. It dries quick, doesn’t last too long so it won’t interfere with other areas of your life like your work, and you don't have to go through the lengthy fading process. In our fast paced lives, white henna offers a great solution to enjoy a trendy look with a fraction of the time that natural henna requires. I think we will also be seeing different colors of body paint being used as an alternative to natural henna in the near future. 

What season would you say is best for white henna?

Wedding season! Which happens to be the summer here in North America because no one like to wear saris with snow boots. Over the last couple of months I have had an unbelievable amount of inquiries for white henna tattoos. Also many clients want to rock these trendy tattoos on the beach and just show it off on their bodies in the summer time when you don't have to bundle up.